The quality award confirms that the hotel fulfilled all requirements related to life safety, technical, security, quality and service. The quality seal is an examinee hotel and may be used in connection with the hotel name.


Expiration of the quality test service quality and security
  • Prospective customers receive extensive documentation, among other things to the test sequence, form for preliminary test, model contract etc.
  • The prospective customer sends the form back to the preliminary test to the ASD
  • for hotels, which is customized by the ASD according to industrial medicine and safety-relevant, certifying is accomplished at no cost
  • The responsible Auditor co-ordinates the test date with the operators or owners which will be examined
  • Examination by the auditor will be on property

With a positive examination the hotel receives

  • A quality award plate which should be shown at the main hotel entrance
  • A quality award document which should be shown framed at the FO Desk.
    A quality hygiene award document which should be shown framed at the restaurant entrance
  • A completely filled out check list and visit report
  • Entrée on the Website of positive results