The Service Quality Security is a society of a professional association for quality management in hotels with following divisions:

  • Quality assurance, safety-relevant consultancy, fire security and preventative risk management.
  • On property training including people development and crisis management with local authorities.
On the basis of the European Union guideline 86/666 KOM (2001) 348 27.06.2001 this Service Quality Security system was developed to assure quality, service and security in the hospitality industry. The goal of Service Quality Security is to support the hotel teams with the conversion and reach consistency of service and quality throughout all departments within hotels by quality inspection on a bi-yearly base.

The council of divisions of the research institute Firmitas, hotel operating fire-brigade, Institute KPMS (Consulting of research and development) and ASD (service organisation according to industrial medicine and safety issues), with professional representatives were involved to develop and advise during the develop phase of this quality assurance program.

The Service Quality Security division is responsible for the ongoing day by day training and as well for the organization of advanced training seminars with the topic service, quality and security. Furthermore this department is responsible for fire and evacuation trainings as well for preventative theft protection in hotels and other public areas.

The council supports "the free explanation Service Quality Security for adherence code of practice ".